Manage every aspect of your automated channel

Swyft’s software allows for complete channel autonomy, plus leading-edge consumer experiences such as automated loyalty, click and unattended collect and self-service gratification.

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Swyft’s Retail as a Service platform puts you in control

Our Retail as a Service platform completely manages your network of Automated Retail, Retail Automation and Delivery solutions. Choose whether we manage your network for you, or the parts you wish to manage yourself. Out-of-the-box you gain access to the tools required to completely manage your channel. Inbuilt AI and machine-learning removes repetitive tasks, while real-time insights allow you to make agile business or merchandising decisions.

Our software enables:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • UX analytics
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Agile merchandising
  • Real-time pricing

  • Contextual multimedia advertising
  • Content management
  • Geo-targeting
  • Demand forecasting
  • Warehouse management

  • Inventory & supply chain
  • Replenishment & logistics
  • Consumer loyalty
  • Consumer demographic profiling
  • Coupons & promos

Gather intelligent data beyond anything you’ve ever seen

Every Swyft Store contains multiple sensors and data collection points to create a complete view of what’s happening in your network. The stores monitor walk by traffic, engagement, consumer demographics, interactions, conversion, sales, inventory levels, SLAs, monitoring and alerts, and much more. This data is also processed through our business intelligence platform to provide meaningful insights to improve performance; enabling you to build data-driven marketing campaigns, and create a highly profitable and highly efficient retail automation solutions.

Manage your network from your existing IT systems

Our suite of flexible and enterprise-grade integrations enable you to utilize your existing supply chain, ERP, CMS, OMS, PIM, reporting and other management systems, and integrate into your client front-end systems such as mobile apps, ecommerce websites or loyalty programs. This makes retail automation management less complex and an easy addition to your existing omnichannel strategies. A few standard integrations:

  • Warehouse & supply chain
  • Settlement & accounting
  • Pricing & catalogs
  • Customers & loyalty

Choose what you want us to manage for you

Every client has their own needs - let us manage your automated retail channel for you or choose the software elements that best fit your needs so you can manage it yourself.

Managed through a single platform

All clients are managed through one platform, so when we make improvements, all clients benefit. The platform is so efficient, companies like yours usually manage the whole network with only 1 person

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