Managing your Automated Retail Channel

As part of Swyft’s services, you gain access to everything required to manage your automated retail sales channel end-to-end. Because we tailor our services to your business’ needs, you can choose to have Swyft manage services fully, partially, or not at all.

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End-to-end management of your new sales channel

Swyft’s turnkey retail channel expands your sales, increases profits and enhances your brand. Unlock Swyft’s smart, efficient and affordable hardware, best-in-class automation software, and flexible turn-key services to enable your new sales channel. Read on to find out more about how we implement these into every solution.

Managed Services

Client Success & Business Modeling

Your success is our number one priority and we will work with you to ensure that your unique business model is set up just for that.

Manufacturing & Staging

Stores and solutions are built and managed by us, so you can count on your machine looking exactly the way you want it to.

Importing & Logistics

We handle all logistical machine movements and potential future relocations, to ensure that your automated retail stores arrive safely and on time.

Development services to brand the store (fixture & UX)

We believe that branded solutions are key. Fixture and User Interface development will be custom to you to stand out as a brand.

Merchandising and Visual Merch

Merchandise will be displayed effectively and efficiently to maximize profit while maintaining your brand identity.

Advertising & Media

We offer a variety of advertising displays depending on your hardware solution. Advertising space can be utilized to meet brand needs or may be sold to brand affiliates.

Location Development, Legal & Contract Management

Based on target group and location procurement goals, we leverage our existing relationships to find and secure new channels and placements to deliver significant ROIs.

Data & Reporting

You will receive access to our Swyft Dash software to gain insights into machine performance and see analytics and transactional data associated with each machine.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our data and reporting goes beyond a simple spreadsheet, with machine learning we transform our data into powerful insights so you can make informed and data-driven decisions.

Custom SOWs & engineering requests

See something you don’t need or want? Requests are always taken and we will work with you to determine what is best for your brand.

Integrations - ERP/accounting, sales, inventory, consumer data, interactions, demographic data

We’ve designed our software to be easy to merge with for a seamless integration into Swyft.

Field Services

Payment Processing (Merchant of Record)

You decide whether Swyft will act as the merchant of record or if you prefer to do the payment processing yourself.

Project Services, Install & Logistics

We handle all machine installs and transportation to make the deployment of your Swyft Stores a smooth experience.

Accounting & tax compliance

Any payments to landlords or government entities will be facilitated through us, so you can concentrate on collecting your profit and plan your further retail expansion.

Warehouse Management

We handle all quality assurance, merchandise management and store shipment in our local warehouses.

Demand Planning & Supply Chain Management

Sales forecasting and real-time analytics allow for just-in-time decision-making, product shipment, and lower operating costs.

Manage Replenisher Network

Our dedicated team of replenishers ensure that your Swyft Stores are always stocked to generate the highest possible sales.

Alerting & Monitoring

Real-time alerts notify our team of any store malfunctions and dispatch a technician to be on-site within 4 hours.

Manage Technician Network

Our global network of technicians is available to fix any and all hardware issues that may arise.

Store Parts Warranty & Replacement

We will take responsibility for any replacements required, and use our existing inventory for parts.

Projects & Upgrades

If you wish to change your product assortment, branding, or UI in the future, we ensure a smooth experience for you.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 to answer any of your customers’ questions or concerns.

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