Elegantly designed, advanced automation

The boldest omni-channel smart vending solution

Deliver seamless new experiences that set your customer’s expectations. This ultra-modern automated retail store maximizes impact while delivering outstanding and consistent experiences.

Expansive product window

Viable at $3,000 sales per month

The X2 SwyftStore is built to scale. Dependent on your margin, some concepts require as little as $36,000 sales per store per year with Swyft’s extremely efficient business models. This makes selling direct to consumer viable in countless new retail locations.

Seamless turn-key automated retail solutions

Increase revenue, grow your profits and enhance your brand

Swyft isn’t just a turn-key channel – it’s a completely customized automated retail solution for your brand. Even if you’re not sure that it’ll work for you, Swyft helps to put together the business plan and set the wheels in motion. Among a multitude of offerings, Swyft typically supports: sampling & promotions, food, CE, beauty, pharmaceuticals, new product releases, syndicated or licensed stores, loyalty programs, customer acquisition and consumer data. Let us position your brand at the cutting-edge of retail, in high traffic locations such as airports, malls, and hospitality outlets around the globe.


Scalable intelligent stores built for purpose.


Efficient end-to-end channel management.


Efficient operations of your store network.

Artificial vision and intelligence

The X2 SwyftStore isn’t just automated retail. It is smart automated retail.

Among hundreds of other upgrades, the X2 SwyftStore has built-in robotic vision to enable new artificially intelligent features for greater efficiency, better data and even more outstanding customer experiences. Our cameras do a lot: measuring user biometrics, counting inventory on shelf, keeping replenishers honest, and much more…

HD cameras for AI

Demographic profiling of your users

With huge volumes of travellers passing by your products every day, the potential is enormous. But it’s not only the merchandise display that will sell more product. Behind the scenes, your stores gather detailed anonymous user data to help make smart merchandizing decisions. Monitor traffic, engagement, and conversion, then use this data to guide users to purchase.

Unlimited analytics

Access Swyft Dash anywhere, anytime and from any device. Control and monitor your network remotely or view detailed analytical data in real time.

Always up to date

Built to get the most out of automated retail, The X2 SwyftStore is the ultimate Swyft experience. You’re always the first to receive software and security updates. And you’ll always have the freshest, fastest version of our software.


6’W x 6’H x 2.5’D (15 sq.ft. footprint)
On wheels – fits in most elevators

Up to 10 adjustable shelves
Expansive viewing window for unobstructed product view
X/Y robot dispenses varying product shapes

Powered by Swyft Cloud™
Intel Core i5 processor
22” HD 10-touch touchscreen
Secure credit, debit, NFC and mobile payment

Fully customizable user interface for online-style shopping
Anonymous video analytics and demographic media serving
Attach custom branding aesthetics

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