Your automated retail sales channel

Swyft’s turn-key channel expands your sales, increases profits and enhances your brand. One of the average 5.3 million snack, drink and candy vending machines in the US turns over a little less than $4,000 each year. That’s $330 a month, leaving an average of $264 margin to roll a truck and still make a payback on capital. So why has automated retail traditionally required revenue of $60-80k?

Swyft is a turn-key retail channel that breaks down all barriers to scale, with automated stores that require as little as $30k, $15k or $4k revenue per annum to make a profit.

Turn on a fully automated immediate gratification and delivery network

With a very small upfront investment you can access a multi-billion dollar sales channel without adding any extra staff. Swyft will turn on your automated retail store network, running on an ultra-modern software system and utilizing the best of breed managed services to keep them running flawlessly.


  • Advanced robotic stores
  • Maximum brand exposure
  • Optimal product presentation
  • Unrivalled uptime & efficiency
  • Multiple hardware models
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  • Robust POS system
  • Analytics & reporting
  • ERP & systems integrations
  • Rapid merchandising
  • Traffic & demographics
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  • 24/7 monitoring & call center
  • Partner certification & training
  • End-to-end client services
  • Development & operations
  • Real-estate contracts

How to engage with Swyft

Even if you’re not sure, have us help you find the solution that works best. We work on every client’s automated retail P&L before committing to any project. Clients engage with us on a one-time development project. Then our flexible options allow clients to purchase or lease stores and the monthly software license. Project development, store purchase prices, monthly software fees and a small revenue share all vary depending on the level of service required.

Learn more about your new sales channel

Contact Swyft to see a demo of automated retail in action and to start understanding what Swyft products will work best for you. Whether you are a brands, retailer, vend operators, enterprise or location partner, we have a highly-scalable solution for you.

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