Cloud-based vending machine software

Swyft Connect puts you in complete control

Swyft has developed the industry’s most robust and massively scalable cloud-based automated retail backend solution – designed in collaboration with many leading industry partners like Netsuite, Intel and Cantaloupe Systems. Control your vending machines in real-time, analysing up-to-the-minute data to manage merchandising decisions and create an efficient and effective automated retail network. Our constantly improving set of tools empower our clients to maximise returns from the channel, and the flexible Swyft API allows easier addition of new functionality as new technology is brought to market.

Swyft’s enhanced vending machine software

Real-time dashboards

Login for a real-time overview of your entire channel. Report on anything.

Demand forecasting

Automated replenishment schedules using industry leading forecasting software.

Agile merchandising

Alter your assortment online, then fill your stores with product. Simple!

Content management

Change all product information on the UX in real time.

Coupons & promos

Create promotions and coupon codes and send them to your consumers.

Real-time pricing

Change your prices instantly or even set prices to match competitors automatically.

Traffic monitoring

Our cameras report traffic past the store, engagement with the store, and conversion.

UX analytics

Access your UX analytics to understand insights, conversion and abandonment.

Contextual advertising

Efficiently serve advertisements to target demographics using our biometric profiling.


Go beyond traditional vending walk-by traffic using our beacon technology.

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