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By Mike Troy and Abby Kleckler – 01/14/2020Originally posted on Progressive Grocer Toshiba is adding computer vision that was on display in its frictionless store and a small processor in its self-checkouts that can identify the items on the scale without a customer entering a code, helping with loss prevention. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show wound down on … Read More

Beyond Unattended Retail, There’s Unattended Payments

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Beyond unattended retail, there is unattended payments.In this podcast, Bryne describes how Swyft uses unattended payments in in-store and self-service kiosk retail environments to compete with Amazon Go and revolutionize the retail industry. Originally posted on PMNTS featuring a podcast with Will Byrne Most have heard of the Amazon effect, and the Uber effect. It’s no secret that those tech behemoths are helping to … Read More

You Can Now Buy Beef Jerky And Deodorant At Subway Station Vending Machines

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Originally published on Gothamist by Jen Carlson Subway newsstand operators have seen business decline in recent years, and the city’s empty storefront problem has crept underground—within MTA stations, 40% of 326 total properties are currently going unused. It seems possible that one day all of those adorable staircase newsstands will be extinct, and their offerings and their humans will be replaced by… corporate vending … Read More

Airport vending machines now spit out puffer coats, shaving kits, cupcakes

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Originally published on USA Today by Dawn Gilbertson CHICAGO — Carolyn Marshall was headed to the gate for her American Airlines flight to California when she spotted the sleek tan machines with the neon sign across from Gate K6 at O’Hare International Airport. She approached the side-by-side Farmer’s Fridge vending machines, tapped the touchscreen menu and was hooked. The machines, stocked twice … Read More

Machines are selling top brands in malls, airports and elsewhere

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Originally published on ICSC by Anna Robaton Vending machines typically dispense soda, candy or snacks. But a growing number of brands and retailers are using them to expand their reach into malls, airports and other high-traffic locations — free of many of the costs associated with operating traditional stores or kiosks. ZoomSystems, a San Francisco–based designer, provider and operator of … Read More

Swyft, Inc. announces its new subsidiary Swyft Food Service Automation; appoints Mike Kiser as CEO

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The new subsidiary to focus on providing new retail solutions specifically to the food and beverage industry SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 24, 2019 — Swyft, Inc., a global leader in automated retail and retail automation, has announced the formation of a new subsidiary, Swyft Food Service Automation. This new subsidiary is focused on providing new retail solutions for the food … Read More

Swyft Releases AI-Powered ‘Nano Shops,’ Readies NAMA Debut

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Original article published on Vending Times by Emily Jed SAN FRANCISCO — Mike Kiser is at it again. The former chief executive of Canteen and board member of Compass Group has partnered with Swyft to bring to market a portfolio of innovative frictionless retail systems that utilize computer vision, neural networks and deep learning technology. Kiser is well-known for his … Read More

Swyft Inc.: A Disruptive Turn-Key Automated Retail Channel Enhancing Customer Experience

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View the original article here Modern technologies are coming available at an exponential pace in the marketplace. Staying in sync with this momentum is the retail industry which is leveraging these technologies to enhance the overall customer experience. Today, customers are rapidly moving towards convenient channels such as websites and mobile apps for purchasing products and services. Therefore, retail organizations … Read More

Airport retail has a long runway — for the right brands

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Originally published on Retail Dive by Lara Ewen If airport retail continues to develop at the breakneck pace it’s currently keeping, airport shopping corridors may become tourist destinations in their own right. According to The Washington Post and the Airport Experience News Fact Book, U.S. travelers in 2017 spent more than $1.7 billion at airports’ newsstand and travel convenience stores. … Read More