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Disruptive, innovative, scalable and efficient

Swyft’s high-profile automated retail channel expands your sales, increases profits and enhances your brand through consistent user experiences that you will be proud of. Swyft is the disruptive turn-key automated retail channel for brands, retailers, franchise vend operators and enterprises to innovatively engage with users. Our solution incorporates specifically designed automated retail hardware, a robust and scalable SaaS platform that leverages the Internet of Things, and finely-tuned managed services to ensure a scalable, cost-effective, and efficient go-to-market implementation.

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Swyft creates a positive social impact

Access to better healthcare

Automated COVID-19 testing, OTC medications, PPE, test kits, and Rx medication, giving people 24/7 access to what they need, when they need it

Access to healthy food options

Dispensing salads, sushi, fresh food and juices compared to the sugary sodas and salty snacks offered in the 5.3M US vending machines. Machine learning drastically reduces food waste.

Reducing carbon footprint

50 times more efficient than 1.4 items delivered per online order

Creating jobs for small business

Technology provider to all businesses to build unattended retail channels amongst the retail disruption. Swyft currently supports 45 DBE partners.

How your SwyftStores will operate


Have us develop and operate your branded concept, retailing on your behalf, expanding sales, increasing profits and enhancing your brand by delivering consistent experiences you’ll be proud of.


Satellite: Expand your reach with your-brand-small-format stores in strategic locations.
In-store: Attract top-tier brands and new customers, solve shrink and enhance sales and service.


Increase your sales and profits by leveraging your expertise in negotiating, replenishing and servicing locations. We’ll bring you top-tier brands and automated retail concepts and you collect the margins.


Improve productivity and employee morale by automating the ordering and availability of the items most needed in the workplace, whilst reducing your costs through efficient control of expenses.

Swyft’s enhanced vending solutions


Disruptively designed for the future world of the Internet of Things

Program and remotely verify your user experience. Everything in our network is interconnected and managed by our software. Absolutely everything, including the SwyftStores (embedded with intelligent sensors and electronics), replenishers, locations, brands, suppliers and consumers, connect real-time to exchange data across our network.

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Impactful, reliable, flexible and scalable

Our automated retail hardware systems have been proven to perform in field over time – reliably delivering sales, increased profits and enhanced brand experiences at high ROI.

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Finely-tuned managed services for end-to-end implementation

Swyft has the most experienced team for end-to-end management of your automated retail network. From implementing your concept to opening up new channels, ensuring your SwyftStore uptime, keeping products in stock, merchandising collaboration or analysing data, Swyft is your trusted partner.

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Swyft works with many brands, retailers, vend operators and enterprises to deploy their highly-scalable automated retail stores. To see how you can also complete your omni-channel strategy contact Swyft to get a demo and find out moreā€¦
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