The future of vending technology

Swyft brings vending technology into the 21st Century

Gain complete visibility and control over your network with our intuitive and massively scalable cloud-based software. Build a commanding and effective automated retail network with our innovative and high-profile stores. And let it run flawlessly with our end-to-end managed services. Swyft’s turn-key channel expands your sales, increases profits and enhances your brand through consistent user experiences that you will be proud of.

Disruptive software evolved from the IoT

Control and report on your user experiences from the cloud. Gain visibility over everything in your network of stores; the SwyftStores (embedded with intelligent sensors and electronics), replenishers, locations, brands, suppliers, consumers, and absolutely everything connects real-time to exchange data across our network.

Impactful, reliable, flexible and scalable hardware

Our innovative automated retail and vending machines have been proven to perform in-field for years – reliably delivering sales, increased profits and enhanced brand experiences at the highest ROI per sqft than any other retail solution. Period!

Your trusted partner to design, implement and manage

Swyft is your most experienced and most trusted partner for end-to-end management of your automated retail network. We spearhead your implementation to deliver outstanding results. We manage store design, product selection, opening up new channels, ensuring your SwyftStore uptime, keeping products in stock, merchandising collaboration and analysing data.