Swyft automated retail & smart vending

Swyft is a massively scalable end-to-end retail channel for brands, retailers, vend operators and enterprises. Swyft provides next-generation automated retail store hardware, a cloud software platform and end-to-end services; creating a compelling new marketplace as part of your omni-channel offering.

Swyft is an end-to-end retail channel


SwyftStores are designed to complete your omni-channel strategy, offered in various highly-scalable designs. Each SwyftStore is an IoT powerhouse, capturing rich analytics, and is priced at breakthrough economics.


Have AI deliver calculated and consistent brand messages to your consumers. Swyft’s smart cloud platform manages all your SwyftStores, service partners and walk-by and mobile consumer delivery experiences.


Access the unrivalled and complex end-to-end servicing solutions offered by Swyft. Have Swyft operationally manage your automated retail channel for you, or select which parts of the platform you’d like to manage.

Your strategy to compete with Amazon

Greater revenue, more profits, better brand exposure

Imagine your branded stores without the traditional retail labor and real estate costs. Swyft is your direct to consumer & omni-channel strategy to compete with Amazon, without disrupting traditional retail.

By lowering break-even requirements, Swyft’s disruptive business model has identified 1.7 million viable US store locations with a $28.5 billion addressable market for its proven applications. And Swyft’s mobile and 1-hour delivery platforms increase this exponentially.


Become a part of a retail revolution

Swyft works with many brands, retailers, vend operators and enterprises to deploy their highly-scalable automated retail stores. To see how you can also complete your omni-channel strategy contact Swyft to get a demo and find out more…

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